MANGATA HOLDING is one of the largest and fastest growing corporations in the industrial sector in Poland. It has the know-how, a team of experts and broad management competence in the metal industry. It focuses on industrial companies, manages and implements investments expanding its portfolio of products as well as the scale and area of operation. 

It provides comprehensive solutions from design through production and manufacturing to service. 

It operates in 4 operating segments:

1.    Automotive – subassemblies and components for automotive industry (KUŹNIAMCSMASTERFORM
2.    Industrial valves and automation (ZETKAMA, TECHMADEX, ZETKAMA R&D)
3.    Fasteners (ŚRUBENA)
4.    Other non-productive operations (ZETKAMA NIERUCHOMOSCI)

It is present in the following industries: automotive, mining, construction, heating technology, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewage system, shipbuilding, gas and energy, aircraft, machinery.


Product range: forgings.
Application: automotive, mining, construction, energy and agriculture.



Product range: exhaust systems, metal components.
Application: automotive industry, construction industry, agriculture, forestry.



Product range: car parts, mechanical parts for vacuum pumps, servo drive parts, parts for construction and agricultural machinery, hydraulic units, high pressure hydraulic pumps.
Application: automotive, construction, agriculture.



Product range: stop valves, bellow valves, check valves, strainers, butterfly valves, ball valves, backflow preventers, rubber expansion joints, gate valves, castings.
Application: heating plants and systems, air conditioning and ventilation, water and sewage plants, shipbuilding.



Product range: the engineering, specification and integration of industrial automation; service, maintenance and upgrade of natural gas distribution equipment; natural gas leaks detection in high-pressure equipment, sales and maintenance of material handling equipment.
Application: gas industry, energy industry, aviation industry, water and sewage plants, dairy industry, sugar plants, paper mills, cobblestone industry.



Product range: advanced engineering services for the implementation of the research and development of industrial valves (valves research, development and implementation of new products, design and technological work).
Application: Industrial valves, regulation systems.



Product range: bolts, nuts, washers, rivets.
Application: construction industry, railway industry, engineering industry, mining industry, automotive industry.