MANGATA HOLDING’s mission is to build a better future, providing its investors with stable earnings and developing mutually beneficial partnerships. At Mangata Holding we create our business culture focused on a blend of modern thinking and traditional reliability.


As a strong group, we are able to undertake investment challenges in business. Mangata Holding is a reliable investor and responsible partner that goes the extra mile and sets new standards in business. As a transparent, sustainable and innovative company, Mangata Holding is able to provide investors with a satisfactory return on investment.

Kuźnia Polska, Skoczów

Product range: forgings

Industries: automotive, mining, construction, energy and agriculture

Masterform, Świebodzice

Product range: exhaust systems, metal components

Industries: automotive industry, construction industry, agriculture, forestry

Zetkama R&D, Ścinawka Średnia

Product range: advanced engineering services for the implementation of the research and development of industrial valves (valves research, development and implementation of new products, design and technological work)

Industries: Industrial valves, regulation systems

Zetkama, Ścinawka Średnia, Sosnowiec

Product range: stop valves, bellow valves, check valves, strainers, butterfly valves, ball valves, backflow preventers, rubber expansion joints, gate valves, castings

Industries: heating plants and systems, air conditioning and ventilation, water and sewage plants, shipbuilding

Śrubena-Unia, Żywiec

Product range: bolts, nuts, washers, rivets

Industries: construction industry, railway industry, engineering industry, mining industry, automotive industry