Initiatives to activate local communities

Mangata and the Holding companies undertake many initiatives to activate local communities. They participate in their lives and support the most needy, and constantly invest in sports and culture. In 2020, in addition to supporting sports, one of the largest initiatives of the Holding was the support provided to the “Hope” Foundation for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Addictions from Bielsko-Biala by participating in the financing of a thorough renovation of the premises located at 100 Zapora street. The project concerned increasing the availability and improvement of the quality of addiction prevention services.

The new investment made it possible to extend the scope of services by activities that are so important in the difficult time of limited contacts – the Covid-19 pandemic, such as: a preventive program for children and adolescents in the field of counteracting behavioral addictions (it is worth mentioning all electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers), daily addiction treatment or a program of weekend therapeutic stays for families and a psychological clinic for children and teenagers.

In the renovated building wing, the so-called “Klimczokówka”, there is currently an Addiction Treatment Clinic and a Consultation Point that provides support to children and adolescents in the field of addiction therapy conducted by certified psychotherapists. Mangata, the Holding companies and the TIM company participated in the project.