Mangata Holding sold shares of the subsidiary Techmadex S.A


At 11 June 2018 Mangata Holding S.A. lost the shareholder status of Techmadex S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter "Techmadex") in connection
with the sale of all Techmadex shares owned by the Issuer.

The development strategy implemented by the Issuer does not envisage building significant business values of the Mangata Holding Capital Group in the area in which Techmadex operates. At the same time, the Issuer does not assume any further significant capital engagement in the strategic directions of development that Techmadex intends to implement.
Bearing in mind that the activities and development plans of Techmadex and the Mangata Holding Capital Group are going in other directions, continuing this investment is not justified. The Issuer's several years' cooperation with Techmadex did not bring the results assumed by the Issuer, both financial and in the scope of building common values and using the synergy effect in the companies of the Mangata Holding Capital Group.
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