Management board

Leszek Jurasz

President of the Board
General Director

Kazimierz Przełomski

Vice President of the Board
Chief Financial Officer

Michał Zawisza

Vice President of the Board
Strategy Director


Elżbieta Kowalewska

HR Director

Adrian Nowak

Strategy and M&A Director

Tomasz Michoń

Strategy and M&A Director

Katarzyna Kopytowska

Director of the Office Board

Katarzyna Liberda

Assistant to the Office Board

Grzegorz Mrowiec

Chief Accountant

Bartłomiej Hankus

Financial Controller

Mariusz Jaszczyk

Coordinator for Consolidation and Controlling

Marzena Majoch-Wojtowicz

Marketing Manager

Leszek Sitko

IT Manager

Kuźnia Polska, Skoczów

Product range: forgings

Industries: automotive, mining, construction, energy and agriculture

Masterform, Świebodzice

Product range: exhaust systems, metal components

Industries: automotive industry, construction industry, agriculture, forestry

MCS, Żory

Product range: car parts, mechanical parts for vacuum pumps, servo drive parts, parts for construction and agricultural machinery, hydraulic units, high pressure hydraulic pumps

Industries: automotive, construction, agriculture

Zetkama R&D, Ścinawka Średnia

Product range: advanced engineering services for the implementation of the research and development of industrial valves (valves research, development and implementation of new products, design and technological work)

Industries: Industrial valves, regulation systems

Zetkama, Ścinawka Średnia, Sosnowiec

Product range: stop valves, bellow valves, check valves, strainers, butterfly valves, ball valves, backflow preventers, rubber expansion joints, gate valves, castings

Industries: heating plants and systems, air conditioning and ventilation, water and sewage plants, shipbuilding

Śrubena-Unia, Żywiec

Product range: bolts, nuts, washers, rivets

Industries: construction industry, railway industry, engineering industry, mining industry, automotive industry